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"Careful Now" Fermented Chilli Sauce 150ml

"Careful Now" Fermented Chilli Sauce 150ml

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Careful Now is aptly named. This is the hottest sauce we have ever made. Made up mostly of Carolina Reapers plus a hint of shallot and garlic... one drop will send you into oblivion. Proceed with caution. Spice level: 5+ chillies outta 5.

Naturally lacto-fermented for a minimum of twelve weeks for maximum flavour. Post ferment the sauce is processed with apple cider vinegar. Nothing else. No fillers, all flavour.

Our sauces are made with all natural ingredients - raw, vegan, probiotic, gluten and sugar free. Packed with good bacteria and tasty as hell.

Ingredients: Carolina Reapers, shallots, garlic, salt, vinegar, natural stabiliser.

*All of our hot sauces are raw and unpasturised. They must remain refrigerated once opened. Once opened they will happily live in the fridge for 18 months.

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