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"Cherry Bomb" Fermented Chilli Sauce 150ml

"Cherry Bomb" Fermented Chilli Sauce 150ml

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For this project, we got to work with the young people of Australian Industry Trade College - Maroochydore to create two unique hot sauces, with proceeds going to their International service project - New Hope Cambodia. What a fun way to use maths! A big thank you to our mate Vashti Janna for organising.

The kids are alright.

"Cherry Bomb" is a fruity and firey blend of habaneros, cherry, pomegranate and lime. Naturally lacto-fermented for a minimum of three months for maximum flavour.

It works magic in a salad, will amp up your margarita, or add a firey kick to your cheese board! 

Our sauces are made with all natural ingredients - raw, vegan, probiotic, gluten and sugar free. Packed with good bacteria and tasty as hell.

Ingredients: Habanero, sour cherries, pomegranate, lime, salt, vinegar, natural stabiliser.

*All of our hot sauces are raw and unpasturised. They must remain refrigerated once opened. Once opened they will happily live in the fridge for 18 months.

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