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"NAMBA SAUCE" Fermented Umami Sauce 250ml

"NAMBA SAUCE" Fermented Umami Sauce 250ml

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Move over Worcestershire... there's a new kid on the block. It has taken 2+ years to perfect the recipe, but Namba Sauce has officially landed! A rich, savoury sauce designed as a Worcestershire, HP, BBQ hybrid, without all the nasties!

Naturally lacto-fermented for a minimum of 24 weeks. Namba Sauce is a blend of black shallots, black garlic, salt + apple cider vinegar. Nothing else. No fillers, all flavour! Aptly named in honour of our home town, Nambour.

The ultimate steak sauce... a welcome addition to your sauteed mushrooms or throw some in a stew for extra oomph. It pairs beautifully with cheese, BBQ'd meats, burgers or on top of a sauso roll.

As this sauce takes so long to make, stocks are extremely limited.

Our sauces are made with all natural ingredients - raw, vegan, probiotic, gluten and sugar free. Packed with good bacteria and tasty as hell.

*All of our hot sauces are raw and unpasturised. They must remain refrigerated once opened. Once opened they will happily live in the fridge for two years.

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